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The tax professionals we have on staff, have a genuine concern for the IRS issues their clients face. Their experience in tax resolution allows them to be well prepared to help develop a winning strategy with IRS debts. We are a national leader in tax resolution services and only provide the highest quality of service and insure that your issue receives the attention it deserves. Our overall goal is to get you only the best deal available with IRS relief.

We are dedicated to protecting the financial futures of today’s taxpayers.


“We are experts in this industry and our abilities surpasses most tax firms. We do what we say we will do. We do not give our clients empty promises. We look at each case objectively and honestly help our clients identify their best options. We have been highly successful in exceeding our clients’ expectations.” — Barry G. Fowler, EA.

The IRS will work with individuals if they are well prepared and ready to communicate. The expertise of Taxation Solutions completes this picture.

Our tax professionals understand how to prepare necessary information to present to the IRS on behalf of their clients and, they find the IRS is very willing to cooperate with clients who are organized and willing to be reciprocally cooperative.

However, placing yourself in an antagonistic relationship with the IRS complicates the situation and makes tax resolution more difficult.
“Depending on the situation,” Barry says, “The taxpayer should not attempt to represent themselves to the IRS. The IRS is not there to help them; they are there to get as much money out of them as possible.”

The Taxation Solutions team have decades of combined experience to help their clients resolve tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can bring upon a taxpayer. They pride themselves on being able to protect today’s taxpayer.

We are here to help the taxpayer in need of a tax expert.

One of our most successful cases was negotiating a $102,319.00 tax bill down to $392.00. However,it is difficult to predict what the IRS will do when negotiating. Every client’s situation will be different and his firm must deal with them one case at a time.

Tax professionals are bound by the guidelines of the IRS’ Office of Professional Responsibility. Each must regularly file “Circular 230” which attests to their commitment to follow the ethical guidelines required of his profession. Anyone violating these guidelines is not permitted to continue in their practice or represent taxpayers before the IRS. Fowler and his firm make a concerted effort to make sure they “cross all their t’s and dot all their i’s.”

Barry states, “We are committed to not making any promises that we cannot keep. We are in business to help our clients solve their tax problems and we will do everything we can in that regard, but we will always work within the confines of IRS rules and regulations.”

Our firm, representing you and negotiating on your behalf, can reach the most equitable settlement terms possible.

Taxation Solutions is a team of professionals that frequently encounter clients who (for various reasons) have not filed tax returns for one, two, or several years.

For people in that situation, Barry Fowler says, “We help them right out of the gate. We immediately file any missed tax returns and then focus on settlement options with the IRS. We have been involved in some very serious situations, but we are very good at what we do. I am very pleased to say we have successfully helped a lot of people.” He continues, “I started Taxation Solutions, Inc. because I was seeing people experience more and more tax problems and I wanted to provide a way to address this growing trend. I believe what differentiates us is the knowledge of our staff and the fact that we follow through on what we say.”

As the founder of Taxation Solutions, Barry has seen a trend in recent years by the IRS to step up their collection activity and they often become very aggressive in their efforts. There has been an increase in the number of IRS agents as well as an increase in the number of audits being conducted. He explains, “It is very clear that the government is hungry for money today. One of the immediate resources for funds is through IRS collection efforts. In 2000, we saw a kinder, gentler IRS with a slowed collection practice. We are seeing a much different approach in today’s environment.”

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Taxation Solutions Inc. is headquartered in Houston, Texas. We are a full-service team of tax professionals specializing in tax preparation and tax representation.
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