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You will have peace of mind knowing Taxation Solutions is taking care of your IRS concerns. Here are some testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

Originally owed the IRS $38,969 Taxation Solutions worked with the IRS to invalidate a 1099 and their adjustments to my return and got the IRS to abate all penalties and remove all taxes due.


Orginal debt amount: Approximately $68,443 Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to $7,200 (89.5% reduction)
"I heard about Taxation Solutions as well as some other companies from an advertsing letter after the IRS placed a Lien on me. I call severl of those comapnies who state the IRS was not making deals. Contacted Taxation Solutions who said they could work with the IRS and get a plan worked out. They were excellent all the way through the process. Never thought I could settle my debt to the IRS for only 10.5%. I would kindly recommend Taxation Solutions to anyone who has a tax problem."

Carl M., Michigan

"Before I called Taxation Solutions, I was worried that I would lose all of my money to the IRS. Having them represent me and solve my problems, I don't have to worry anymore."

Matthew, California

"Taxation Solutions correctly filed 10 years taxes and wiped out my $82,000 IRS tax debt!"

T.O., Gate City, VA

"I wish I would have found Taxation Solutions before I signed up with another company. The rep with the other company told me that there was nothing they could do for me. Taxation Solutions actually did something."

Deborah A., Tennessee

"You've got a customer for life! Thank you so much! The full IRS penalty of $5127 was abated by Taxation Solutions!"

Chamberlin, Houston, TX ~ Penalty Abatement

"I drove by and saw their sign I was so concerned about the IRS and didn't know what else to do. Taxation Solutions was great from the beginning to the end with Christy and Mr. Fowler. They were very helpful. Original IRS Debt $46,215. Settled for $950."

K.B., Houston, TX ~ OIC Accepted 06/29/2015

"Total Original IRS debt was $49,210. OIC accepted for $2400, saving us $46,810."

C & J C, San Antonio, TX ~ OIC Accepted 07/07/2014

"I just wanted someone to assist me with my tax issue and I didn't want to worry about the IRS. I contacted Taxation Solutions after seeing an advertisement and they told me to let them worry about the IRS and that they were going to handle everything. They handled my case perfectly! Their services were great and they made sure my rights were protected. They did an excellent job resolving my tax problem and I am thankful to have contacted them! They were professional and compassionate when it came to my situation."

D.B., Mississippi

Original debt amount: $102,319 Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to: $392.00
"I was scared to death. I was having anxiety attacks and didn't know what to do. A family member referred me to Taxation Solutions for dealing with the IRS. They represented me when it came to helping me with the IRS."

Bonnie H, Texas

"I met David at the truck show and Taxation Solutions help resolve and straighten out our tax problem.Original IRS Debt $134,000 and Taxation Solutions settle my debt for only $1200. Wow a savings of $132,800. I am still amazed that Taxation Solutions could get this done! Praise God! Thank you Taxation Solutions!"

JB, Conroe, TX ~ OIC accepted 08/06/2015

Total debt $58,411. Taxation Solutions settled my debt for only $4,800. "These are my tax guys for life!"

M.S., Duluth, GA ~ OIC Accepted 07/24/14

"Total Original IRS debt was $23,783. OIC accepted for $918.80 saving us $22,864.20!"

J, Duluth, GA ~ OIC Accepted 08/25/2015

Original debt amount: Approximately $33,000 Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to: $10,993 (33.17%)
"I was worried about getting misleading information by a so-called experienced tax advisor. I was unable to trust tax consultants. My experience with Taxation Solutions though, OMG! Just awesome the way they told me not to worry anymore and really took me step by step. I want to say thank you so much for pulling me out of this nightmare with the IRS. Again, thank you so much, Taxation Solutions!"

Ms. Faye K.

"I was looking for a firm that could assist me with resolving my tax issue and was happy that I never had to look back once I found Taxation Solutions! Not once during my process did I lose confidence in this firm. I am very happy for what they were able to do for me and my family. I don't worry anymore."

Steve, Texas

"The IRS claimed that I owed $15,000 in back taxes. I called Taxation Solutions from an ad I saw on TV and they immediately started helping me. They answered every concern I had and never stopped fighting for me. I can say that I received excellent service and received a fabulous result having them represent me."

Kenneth P, North Carolina

"Total Original IRS debt was $29,817. OIC accepted for $100 saving us $29,717!"

S.S., Willis, TX ~ OIC Accepted 11/10/2015

"I needed a solution to my liability and needed expert help that had experience with the IRS. Everything was handled in a professional manner."

Tim L., California

Original debt amount: Approximately $160,000 Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to: $12,000.
8% of what the IRS claimed.
"The IRS claimed I owed over $150,000 in back taxes and I was very worried on what I was going to do. I wanted someone to help me who was affordable and could provide results. I contacted Taxation Solutions after seeing their advertisement and I am quite pleased with their service and results! They negotiated with the IRS until they got me the lowest amount! I am thankful for calling them. They got me through a pretty tough time with my finances."

G.B., Texas

"I needed help with my IRS issue and was worried about what the IRS could do. Taxation Solutions helped me a great deal with the IRS! They did what they said they would do for me!"

R.L., Texas

"Taxation Solutions has always been great to work with. I needed to get 3 years of Federal and State Taxes done and they took care of me and my taxes and made it easy! I will use them every year."

Brian Holmes, Hamilton, GA.

"I was referred by my CPA to Taxation Solutions for help. I was very concerned about getting a reasonable payment solution with the IRS. They were very responsive and proactive in following through until the conclusion. Overall, I had a positive experience."

S. Moore, Texas

"The IRS was breathing down my neck about unpaid taxes when a friend referred me to Taxation Solutions for help. After talking to them I knew I was in great hands! They kept me informed on what was going on with my case and got me a deal that I could work with! They get 10 out of 10 in my book..."

J.G., Texas

"I am very pleased that someone could help me!"

James B., California

"I was concerned about whether or not I was in good hands when dealing with a tax resolution company. Everyone was helpful and friendly."

Paul M., Massachusetts

Original approximate debt amount claimed by the IRS: $100,000 Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to: $1,000 (1% of the original amount)
"I was worried at first about getting help with my IRS issue. When I read an advertisement from Taxation Solutions offering that they could help me lower my text debt, I was skeptical. I thought it was too good to be true at first. After talking with a financial specialist about my IRS lien they convinced me that they could help me. They were wonderful and did an amazing job settling my debt with the IRS. They were always there when I had questions and they did much better than I expected. My life is much better after getting help from them. I am happy with the settlement they got for me."

A.G., New York

Original debt amount: Approximately $40,000 Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to: $10,350 (25.78%)
"I was concerned with paying the government off and the government seizing my assets. I was also concerned about Taxation Solutions taking my money and not doing anything. However, Taxation Solutions is absolutely wonderful! They have been available and friendly. I'm very satisfied and extremely pleased with the outcome."

Keath G.

"My husband and I were looking for a tax resolution firm that could really help us. We found Taxation Solutions online and they were professional from the start. They helped us with our IRS issue and did a great job doing it. We are thankful to them for their dedication in helping improve our lives."

T.C., Texas

Original debt amount: Approximately $356,000 with penalties and interest Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to:$1,000
"The IRS claimed I owed them over $300,000 in back taxes. I didn't have the money! I was struggling financially and going through a lot emotionally. I was getting information from companies offering to help me. I was worried at first that all of the letters were people trying to scam me. The ones I did talk to sounded like they could help me. The only problem was that they wanted so much money to handle my case I just couldn't afford it. Taxation Solutions sent me a letter offering their services and said that they would get me the best deal that could be made. They were easy to work with and kept me informed of what was going on. They were a big help to me and made the whole thing as painless as possible."

B.T., California

Original debt amount: Approximately $30,000 Taxation Solutions reduced the amount to: $3,768 (12.57%)
"Taxation Solutions is the best; very happy, very good people. I recommend them to everyone. They were very professional. They really helped me a lot, very good customer service. 5 stars!"


"I heard about them on the Radio AM 700. I did not want to deal with the Trucking Manager office doing my taxes in favor of the trucking co. My experience with Taxation solutions was good. I like their power of attorney system got all the information from the employers and they did all the taxes."

M. Sharpe, Bay City, TX