Listen, owing taxes is hard to talk about and knowing who to you is not easy.

Which is why I would like to take a minute here to address YOU, if you are someone who hasn’t yet made the decision to use our services to stop the IRS.

After all, we’ve helped many taxpayers “make the switch” over to us, year after year. And I know that you’ve probably swept your IRS problem under the rug, but it doesn;t make it go away.  It just make makes them worse. 

Which is why this email would be for you. (And if you’re already using us, then you can safely ignore this particular message, and skip to the end where I do have a short request for current clients.)

Many people are ignoring the problem until the IRS levies their bank account.   Then it feels too late.  We have heard the horror stories every day.  Is is too late?  No, we can still work with the IRS to get money back stop them where they are at.  We can get you a Fresh Start with our special Fresh Start program. 

I’d rather not “bad mouth” other tax relief companies, but suffice to say that we’ve had to do our share of re-doing other tax resolution accountants’ work. In some cases, we’ve recovered significant sums during an amendment process by reviewing an old return (from the last 3 years), and taking advantage of ethical and legal tax credits and deductions that other firms don’t utilize.  Be able to put the right program to work fo you and get the IRS out of your bank account and get that Fresh Start. 

Current clients:
to help earn the trust of others as we grow our client base, 
we have one request of you…

Well, perhaps two.

Would you:

A) Write about how our team has helped you in the past? You can find us on Google, and we’d love to have your feedback!

(And if for some reason you weren’t satisfied with our service, please write me back through the email button at the top of the page personally. I will do everything within my power to make it right, and will make it a priority, even this week.)

If you haven’t filed your taxes with us before…

Find us on that platform to read about other client experiences in the past. The proof is in the internet-review-pudding. We’d love for you to be next in line.


B) Would you forward this note to anyone you think would benefit from help with their taxes? Especially if it’s someone you think would prefer to file with a personable touch.

You can let him or her know we are willing to review their old tax return (or even this year’s) to make sure that everything was done right for them. They can call us anytime at (888) 930-1016 and mention you referred them. We’re excited to hear from some of your Nationwide friends and family.

We can’t wait to take a look at what we can do for your return … it is, after all, what we do best.



Barry Fowler, EA

(888) 930-1016

Taxation Solutions, Inc.